ERIK's old Freak Of Nature cd! Not available anywhere else!!!

ERIK's Honesty  vid, from the A Road Less Travelled  cd!

All songs come with written lyrics.


Some background on the Freak Of Nature tracks:


Illegal Withwas written during the dubya administration. It occured to me that all the states differ and bicker soo much regarding sexual laws and freedoms, as if they have a right to.

They don't. Unless we give them one. So, the song is basically saying 'I'm gonna do whatever, with whoever I'm with' . If you're not harming anyone or against their will.. ur fine. And all the neurotic, fucked-up headcases that disagree with that, can suck it. And should. It might help.



Thin Skin - is an intense rawker, mostly about the shit people write and say and blog about celebrities specifically, and each other now in general, thanks to the Internet Age. For me, it was really hard to hear the intensely negative stuff people would sometimes say about my music, even when so many were appreciating it. It only takes 1 asshole at the table tho, to ruin the meal for everyone. Meh...


Feeling Like This - lol.. ok to me, this is one of the ultimate broken-up-with songs. We follow him as he goes from sad to hopeless to dark.. very..very..dark. We all can relate I'm sure.

(can you say.. Restraining Order?)


Effect Me Directly - this was my attempt to fit in with all the Sum 41ish up-n-comer bands of the 90s and 00s. Turned out to be a big hit on MySpace, and helped move me forward into the next cd. (and before you ask.. YES.. I spelled 'Effect' that way on purpose.. such a nerd rebel!)


Gone - is the only song I've released so far, that I didn't write. Moving some boxes of mine and his around, I stumbled across a few old cassettes of my roomates, clambering around with that oh-so-distinct sound at the bottom of a box. Started playing them. Found this song. Loved it.


He shrugged and laughed, claiming he'd written and recorded it with his geetar when he was around 13. I asked if he'd let me record and tinker with it, and he agreed. His lyrics and basic melody.... my (maybe overblown) production, instrumentation and vocals. Turned out nice though, so I put it on the cd, with his permission of course. I was thinking 'Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth' at the time... can you hear it?


Get From MeUmm.. well let's just say that Mom and I had a very unusual and turmultuous relationship, resulting in this song. Reviews have mentioned a Bowie influence here, and I would hafta agree. This song caught the attention of Regent Entertainment (HereTv!) and landed on the 1st episode of their US vampire series The Lair.  Go gay tV!


Can't explain how I felt, hearing THIS particular song about Mom playing in the background as a gay character rubs soap all over his body in the shower, while an onlooker watches.

Dr. Freud.. we have a new chapter for your next book!


Am I Crazy - speaking of psychology. No. Sometimes a song... is just a song. I never really liked this one, but I needed a filler track.


Hello - taking ambient (or was it Ambien?) to the extreme, this song emerged. I wanted to create a soothing, almost hypnotic landscape in a dream here, where the lyrics are so mushed into it all, they just become barely meaningful sounds. Still one of my faves, but too odd and non-commercial to ever catch on.


Bring You Downfinally we have this track. Some self-agrandizing music officionado smuggly informed me once, that one could never make a song work just going up and down the keys sequencially like a child. I like to think I proved him wrong here.