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ERIK's Careswell's long-awaited 4th CD FLAWED (still)
carries forward his trademark alternative rock/indie/pop/industrial leanings'.

with a dancey edge creeping in (One Fine Day) as well as a sprinkling of vintage funk (Nothing Ever Changes). Always heavily melodic, but a few tracks venture into experimental and trippy territories ('My Cyrano', 'Without You', 'In This Fantasy', 'Undone'). The lead single hits us with a surprisingly romantic pop flair (Love). The lush orchestral landscape of 'Undone' whisks you away with Pink Floyd nuances, while the staccato electronica track 'In This Fantasy' feels somehow futuristic. The dark, sexy, slinky track 'On The Other Side' premiered on FM in Ohio, garnering a college music fanbase. This album is chock full of

ERIK Careswell's best selling CD, featuring the new #1 hit 'A Road Less Travelled', singles 'Wasting Away' (as heard on Dante's Cove and The Lair US TV series), 'Get From Me' (as heard on The Lair), Emerging (as heard on MySpace's 1st ever podcast), and the runaway cult classic ' A Jealous Fan'!

THIS CD is RARE! Can't be found anywhere else! LIMITED TIME ONLY!
ERIK's 2nd entirely self-produced, written, performed, and engineered CD release! Features 'Get From Me' (as heard on the hit US TV vampire series 'The Lair'), and the cult hit 'Illegal With'!

ERIK's old Freak Of Nature CD! Not available anywhere else!!!

A much-anticipated follow-up to the insanely successful 'A Road Less Travelled' . ENGINES goes deeper, darker, lamenting loss, mounting frustration over inequalities, tackling the ugliness we all try to avoid far too long in our lives. The title track relentlessly hammers an almost manic eulogy into an inpenetrable wall of sound, which landed it on the soundtracks of both "Dante's Cove' and 'The Lair' US TV series.

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