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"One of the most promising young singer/songwriters his generation has seen...Recommended!"

Barry Metz, Island Gazette

Very fuckin' cool. A different sound that I think a lot
of people are going to appreciate.

I wish you nothing but the best in your life.


Jim Verraros
(top 10 finalist of American Idol season 1)

"You have a really good sound. Its very cool!"

Brenda Song
Actress and Singer
(The Suite Life of Zach and Cody -Disney)

"Erik is a rare and blazing talent. His sound is utterly unique, and his emerging presence onto the International music scene is already earning a hearty reception and cocking the right ears. We hold tremendous expectations for his future in the entertainment industry, as an innovator, originator and, ultimately, an industry icon."

Bane Reynolds
President, A&R and Founder, Bratcave Records

"cool music!"

Jeff Pearce

bass player from Moist (and Rye)

"It's always difficult to find music
that works perfectly with a scene in a movie. When I heard ERIK's song
"Wasting Away" I knew it would work well with a scene in an episode of
one of our series. I was even happier when I found a place for his song
"Engines" in another episode of the same series. His music touches upon
an emotion which works really well in the soundtrack world".

Brian Goldman - Music Supervisor - Regent Media 

ERIK stands as a one-man Canadian army with a twisted kind of rock sound. There is no doubt his music is good, and has a chance with further popularity that extends beyond the underground kingdom; though his delightful twist of rock makes me want to cover my ears and scream for an Advil. I do not hold a doubt that ERIK is indeed a very talented young man, but though it appears he is already sneaking his way through to the commercial world. Being said, ERIK is literally a one-man band, as he is the lead and backing vocals, guitars, keys, and percussion. He also appears to have a degree in Psychology, maybe he figured out a way to get into people’s mind and poke at any place in the brain that isn't yet in pain. With that note, the emo-looking boy’s music is highly recommended to be checked out, for as I said the boy has definite talent; it just shows differently in every person.


Rina Dubosarski, SpaceJunkie Magazine

"He is an up-and coming musician, from Canada, Erik will be known as one of today's talented young artists to break into the music scene not only in Canada but also in the United states. Erik is for the most part, a one-man-band. His music ranges from alternative to a pop/rock Genre. His music is already being requested in the states, as well as on the home front. Erik has a will to succeed like none other I've seen, which means this lad, will go far and it was a pleasure speaking with him in a radio interview last week."

Chris Tyler
DJ, WKTN 95.3 FM

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