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Painful to start my new site... with one of the worst BLOGS I ever imagined...

I guess by now the whole world is shaking and grieving over the news, on January 11th, 2016. David Bowie has past away, after a long battle with cancer, at the age of 69.


What are we supposed to make of living in a world without David Bowie? He truly was the last of my heros, and I'm not being dramatic. Whitney Houston was a shock. Michael Jackson.. a devastating blow. Robin Williams... a brilliant candle snuffed out. But David Bowie...

I've had the distinct honour, on occasion, of reading a review of my music, and seeing that someone has, again, mentioned hints of David Bowie influence, among others. But that one..well.. that is a compliment like no other to me. Not comparing me, mind you.. just noticing the influence.

And influence me he did. And will.

I immediately snagged the new cd I had been so looking forward to, when it was released on Itunes. I remember waiting for it in the summer and fall, anticipating January 2016 and the fresh burst of Bowie it promised. But to lose him only a few days after the album release... like he was leaving us a last musical present before his long journey back to his planet...

[BTW... if you haven't downloaded Black Star! It's Bowie at his best! My fave track so far is I Can't Give Everything Away. Sigh...]

Anyways, I PROMISE that future blogs will be cheerier haha.. but I'm sure you can understand this one being.. well... important to me.

In HONOUR of the spaceman's return home, I have taken one of my old cds Freak Of Nature and re-released it.. but exclusively right here on my mainsite! The song people have most mentioned as having a Bowie influence on that cd is the track Get From Me (which also appears on the soundtrack of the US vampire tv series The Lair on Heretv ). You can sample it on the mainpage, or from the media section, or buy it seperately from the cd if you like as well. It's about my relationship with my Mother.. enough said.

Anyways I've BLOGGED your eyes off, so I'm wrapping it up 'til next time. Thanks!!=)



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