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George Michael out.. Donald Trump in!?

Sooo... 2016 sucked the big one. We lost so many amazing people including, now, George Michael.

In his later years, he may have struggled with weight and aging, but dude.. how many people get to be King Of The World, and that's EXACTLY what he was when the Faith album dropped. Rest in peace, King George.

Annnd... we're about to lose everything we have been enjoying thus far in this life, thanks to slightly

less than 50% of the dim-witted American population voting in a living nightmare, whose sole

interest is, and always has been, personal gain. Every word from his leathery lips is a lie, and the idiot Americans are lapping it up. So they deserve their fate. But the rest of us don't.

Aw well... it was a fun ride while it lasted.

But we have to push on, and hope for a better 2017.

So all the best to everyone, and a very HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

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