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oh wow... an update! haha

I know it's been a while since I posted. I should prolly give some background.

Everything was going well until I had a bad accident a few years back. My right elbow [this is where guitar players cringe] was shattered and had to be rebuilt. The idiots in emergency didn't bother xraying it before they started a series of attempts to 'pop' it back into place, essentially put the ball in the now-shattered cup. Decided to keep me overnight to operate. The hospital (unbeknownst to me) thought it was a good idea to lower the ONLY trauma hospital in the area down to 1 functioning operating room over the Easter holidays. I spent the next week lying in a hospital bed, getting bumped by more urgent cases.... for a week. I lay there with a broken arm for a week. A week. By the time they finally got around to me, everything had to be rebroken and reset. The result was an arm that barely functioned (right arm btw.. I am not left handed. Well, I wasn't.) No wrist mobility, so turning it to play guitar was now close to impossible.

I went in a year later to have all the hardware removed, under assurances that it would THEN be usable, without all the metal blocking me up. To this day, I still can't turn my wrist sufficiently to play guitar properly, and I'll NEVER be able to play like I did before.

Welcome to my hell.

Because I have always been a fan of the vino, I persuading my doctor to change my oxycontin perscription (which consists of oxy and tylenol for pain) to oxycodone (pure oxy). Wine mixed with tylenol could do a devestating job on my liver otherwise. Oxy is almost identical (chemically) to heroine (hence the nickname 'hillbilly heroin'). So, the last few years, have been me still in a daze over having lost so much so fast, but constantly wasted enough to be pacified about it all.

But all is not lost.

I CAN still play keys, and drums, and some guitaring. So.. new albums ARE still on the horizon, and with over 500 songs written so far, I'm compelled to at least TRY to leave a few behind, before taking the rest with me into that great void, or whatever. They won't, unfortunately, be as guitar driven as previous cds were, but I'm working around it. So stay tuned.

A sample of a new single from the long-awaited Mindless Pop Dirge cd is now on the main page, so please check it out! More tracks will start appearing soon! Don't give up on me k.. I need you now more than ever! =)

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